B2 Productions: Drones – Mavic 2 Pro – Big Production Value and ROI for Little Money

March 21, 2019
Tracy Phillips

A co-worker of mine just invested in the Mavic 2 Pro drone from DJI. What a great little piece of equipment. It shoots UHD with different focal choices, has awesome follow features and captures using the H.265 codec. And the shots are pretty stunning (see below). It’s amazing how far drones have come in the last few years. For a long time, I just wasn’t impressed with the crunchy’ness of footage from the old drones (if there was anything more than a few trees blowing in the shot). And so we stuck with shooting on the ground.

But things have changed (as they always do in this industry). The Mavic 2 Pro with a price tag just over $2k is one hell of a package. DJI seems to have adjusted their newest toy addressing common complaints from users of the old toys. The H.265 codec is slick, albeit, sticky depending on what you use for editing. Things can slow down without a powerful system to ingest and playback the footage.

Here is a quick sample from Del Mar, CA. 10 years ago, this would cost in upwards of $15k for aerial footage of the same thing. But not in today’s world. As mentioned in our previous blog on the cost effectiveness of newer equipment http://b2ignite.com/the-blue-room/b2-productions-best-production-tips-for-2019/, the Mavic 2 is another great example of lost cost production equipment that produces stunning results with a great ROI for your clients.

Let the good times roll!!!

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