B2 Productions: Isla Vampira /San Diego Halloween Parties

October 15, 2019




Experience the most surreal party this Halloween season! Immerse yourself in a theatrical world that will inspire, fright and delight! Immerse yourself in a world where shipwrecked pirates meet their doom at the hands of insatiable vampires.

Pirates are shipwrecked by violent seas on an island after a stormy night. Their cargo hold was full of treasure from recent conquests, and they sought shelter along the shores of a deserted shanty town. They soon noticed that strange events began to occur. Unknown to them, they carried more than their blood-stained treasure beneath the ship. An ancient coven of vampires were stowed on board, hitching a ride to the new world. With a voracious appetite, these insatiable beasts began hunting the pirates one by one.

Experience a night where pirates and vampires roam a cursed land and breathe the same air… as you.

Make up provided from American Horror Story special effects make up artist.


October 25, 26, 31 & November 1, 2 2019


Limited tickets so buy yours today!