B2 Ignite

innovation | collaboration | inspiration

What is B2 Ignite?

B2 ignite uses a well structured, well tested and highly successful process that goes beyond simply reaching your audience. We want you to connect with your audience. We transform you from a talking head to an engaging friend and mentor.

Pizza at a sushi joint?

Maybe not. But are you open to new ideas? We cater to individuals and businesses that fit a specific framework. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You are an expert in your field and have an established following.
  • You want to grow your audience.
  • You have something of value to share.
  • You want to make more money!

Content is king!

You can expect to build a collaborative relationship where we help you create content with value. Not all content is created equally. We work with you to deliver social media campaigns, e-Books, virtual classes, workshops, webinars, videos and more in order to build trust and loyalty from your growing audience.


What do I get?

Good question. Our goal is to generate revenue for you on a continuous basis. You get away from one-on-one sessions or time-consuming trainings and reach a broader audience while making more money. You get expert video scripting and coaching, (learn more about online video marketing here: videoscriptsuccess.com), copywriting, marketing, and experience with a proven process. In a nutshell, we want you to be working less and making more.


Who are you?

The main spark of Ignite is Tracy Phillips. Hi. I am a genuine people person and have a passion for bringing folks together with sincerity, professionalism and a hint of humor. I bring to the table an innate sense for what people want to experience. My writing, producing and media background experience has advanced me into a position where I understand how to leverage your expertise and launch you beyond the next level. Interested? Want to make more money?
Let’s get in touch.