Blue Buffalo Productions: Artificial Intelligence – AI Will Take Your Job

April 17, 2024
Blue Buffalo Productions


AI will take your job! Easy enough to accept. All the folks who say it’s just a flash in the pan are either on the winning side of things or the blind side. See all of these people in the above pic; even the ones to the right who are technically the ‘boss’ will see their jobs eaten up by something too big to control and too cost cutting for any company to ignore. Back to our picture: all of this will be dialed in by Artificial Intelligence; and without giving too much away, even the guy in front of the camera will only be a ‘likeness’ of the person presenting the information.

To the blind: whether you like it or not, you’d better plan to find a new job. I’d point out a few specific categories immediately getting hit, but in the end; we’re all going to get it… unless you are on top. My prediction is the self employed will be the FIRST to go, thereafter, service jobs and finally low level corporate jobs and then mid level-corporate jobs: it’s all going.

So if you have a problem saying; ‘Welcome to Walmart’? You’d better start swallowing your little red pill because it’s over, Rover.