Blue Buffalo Productions: AI Amazing But Still an Infant

February 11, 2024
Blue Buffalo Productions


We just recently worked on a project that used only AI generated images. It’s amazing how real this looks. In fact, we can adjust sex, age, ethnicity, even expressions when we ask the Great OZ to create these images. Think of the cost to do this traditionally: you would need to hire actors; rent a doctor’s office, have a two or three person crew. The savings and flexibility are not difficult to see.

Soon this will transfer over to videos; trade show loops; talking people – everything we create in the production industry. That means most of us will be out of a job.

Now, take a closer look at the picture. The med tech’s eyes are looking out the window. Oh well. It’s not perfect yet, but this is all still brand new. With each week things rapidly advance in the AI industry. Amazing and scary all at the same time.