B2 Productions: Best Production Tips for 2022

September 3, 2021


This is a great time to be in production. No more big $$$$ for big ticket items or crew to get those unbelievable 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k.. (you get the drift) shots. (5) years ago our equipment investment was in upwards of $50k for a Sony this and that to shoot S Log and all of the new gadgets (including the 35mm Sensor – big time here we come).

Times have changed: I’d say 60% of our production work can now be done with a DSLR or iPhone. Youtube was evil when it took away the big dollars one could make distributing DVD(s) with proprietary content, but in a paradoxical way, good for giving us an audience who is absolutely comfortable viewing content from amateurs and phones. In a day when anyone can be a star, the audience has become more comfortable with less production value.

Things will only get easier and less expensive with some really stunning results. Case in point, a friend of mine shot this video with the Sony A7S in Hyper Lapse mode on his skateboard with an inexpensive gimbal. (5) years ago I had to have a camera that could undercrank this or overcrank that; a Steadicam OP, and maybe a focus puller. Today, just 10 minutes of your time and you’ve got a great shot (dare I say, commercial). Sure, there’s still production that requires a camera and crew that you can depend on. ‘The phone’, you say, works just as well. Well… maybe not. My brand, spanking new iPhone freezes and records black 60% of the time I’m trying to get a professional shot (and always the critical shot). Sure, old timers will tell me; “It’s a DAMN phone, what do you expect?” From Apple? A lot. I should not be paying over $1k for a phone that I can’t use to make videos. Thanks Apple. Back to our story: Less expense, more production value = happier clients and a happier production company with more money to spend on developing and making better content.

So let the good times roll and use everything you can in the toolbox. The camera doesn’t make it a great and memorable shot…  the shooter does.

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