B2 Productions: Production You Love to Do

April 20, 2021


I worked for years making money, producing programs, and being completely miserable. What fun is doing a job you don’t like? What fun is doing a job you do to pay the bills? A necessity? Maybe for some but I decided to break free and focus my time and energy on production that I like – make that production that I love. I love working with people who are genuinely making a difference in other people’s lives; be it through books, yoga, herbs, or oracle cards. WooWoo stuff? Well, maybe, but at least they can sleep at night knowing their audience is taking better care of themselves, their families, their health and their lives.

Here’s a secret: when you work with people who hate their jobs; working for other people who hate their jobs, you hate your job. Further, when you work in a ultra high stress, fast paced environment, and you hate your job, your health takes a beating.  Life is too short to continue down this path. At least it was for me.

Find something you love. In the end, why continue to punish yourself for the almighty dollar. Money will come and go; especially in production. We all end up in the same place; and unless you’re producing feature length movies, in the end, who will remember what you did? Stop re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and begin to do the things you love.