B2 Productions: Dude Where’s My Audience?

March 25, 2022

I see a lot of online marketers selling the newest, latest, and greatest way to make videos. Their approach is to buy IG and Facebook ads spending thousands of dollars without really nurturing their audience; and thus, the audience doesn’t necessarily buy because they don’t know what – or more importantly – who they are buying.

As online marketing gurus are pointing one way with their advice (and making more money) they really should be pointing another way. So the story goes; a lot of people out there are telling you to forget building a list and go out advertising your latest and greatest strategy to a cold audience to make your millions. And I see it everywhere, from anyone who was ever in front of a camera (weather forecasters, traffic reporters) to PA’s who once held a light on a shoot. Somehow they’ve all become experts. Fair enough, after all, what else is there right now? Everyone’s online, why not educate them on how to become better in front of camera?

I’m going to give all of you some free advice: build a list and make sure your keeping your list warm with videos or emails. Albeit, this is going to go in the face of everyone telling you how easy it is to make millions online; because it’s not. For every (1) success story there are thousands (maybe even millions) who’ve failed. The simple truth is online marketing is a business where your failure is almost guaranteed.

So instead of wasting your money buying this program or that formula from people who are in the business of pointing in the wrong direction; you need to plot your course, wisely. Come up with a freebie (e.g. 5 Simple Steps to Becoming Better On Camera) and buy some advertising and give it away for free. Collect those emails and keep up with your newly growing audience. Then start to slowly roll out more products (in the form of webinars and online trainings) free of charge to continue growing your list. Then once you have a few thousand people (maybe more, maybe less) you can actively start to sell yourself and your product.

Anyone who tells you there’s a shortcut is selling you a lie. This strategy (or the very fine strokes of a strategy) is available for everyone that has a great product or idea and wants to sell it online. Sure, online marketing has the potential to make a lot of money but the road to get there is a long one. Make sure to pack a lunch.