B2 Productions: Niche Down to Find the Right Audience

April 10, 2022


Okay. Something that drives me crazy is when you ask a prospective client: ‘Who is your audience?’ or ‘Who are we targeting?’… more often than not I get the answer: ’24-70, male, female. I want everyone’. That makes sense, right? Wrong. In fact, by creating such a wide demographic you tend to lose the key group or core of your potential super fans. When I first started, I hired a lady to run Facebook ads for me. $3000.00 later I still wasn’t any further than I’d began, and I was turning cash to ash. Turns out she had set my demographic from 24-70, male, female, farm animals… in other words, everyone. And in doing so, she garnered me a big, fat, ZERO.

My demographic tends to be female, entrepreneurs, 40-60 years of age who have been successful offline but need to bring their product, service, course, online. That’s it. That’s who I target. They are most likely to need my services and become a super fan of mine, which means, down the road, they are more likely to buy from me, again. Also, I do a damn good job of making them money, so it works both ways. One other example: I have a client who is a Death Doula: that means she helps people through the death process. You really can’t niche down much further than that.

Find your super fans. Think about who you want to target and niche that down until you get a smaller group and start testing. Maybe that isn’t your group, maybe you have to adjust your demographic. In the end, you will end up spending less and garnering more attraction for your offer, product, or service.

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