B2 Productions: Outsourcing to the Right People

February 6, 2017

Many moons ago, when we first started out (can that really be 17 years?) we would outsource our production work to a one-man show. He set the lights, ran audio, shot, and edited. He was cheap, but he was cheap for a reason. At that time, we really didn’t have the money to invest in equipment.That was A LOT of money back then. In hind sight, we lost almost all of those first clients after the initial project. O.k., so we quickly figured out he was not the right fit for our work. Since those long, lost days, we’ve added equipment, purchased cameras, added editing capabilities and viola, most of our clients became long-term partners. Most importantly, over the years, we assembled a great team of experts in their own field.

Everyone has an expertise.There’s no need in this day and age to try and handle every facet of the shoot. Let the gaffers handle the lighting.That’s what they love to do.That’s their passion. Same for the audio tech, those guys and/or gals have a passion to record unblemished sound quality. If you’re directing, get a good D/P to handle the camera work.

The bottom line: if you try and do everything, you’re going to miss something. Assemble the right team (a first string team with a great bench) and take years of stress off of your life and focus on what you do best.