B2 Productions: The New Era of Live Entertainment – VR | Streaming

April 22, 2020


The times they aren’t like they used to be (and won’t be): last Fall we had trouble keeping up with the live event bookings into 2020. Then early Spring and Covid19 hit and all things went to proverbial hell; and now we find out, apparently, there won’t be any live gatherings in California for the foreseeable future. Wow. For those of us in the small business arena who build some of their income on live events this hits pretty hard. Likewise, a lot of event planners, managers, and directors are also being furloughed due to the troubled industry.

Many in the corporate realm may see this as the end of selling their products, introducing new products, or giving presentations in a live environment. But this is not the case: there is a way to design and produce a live event that gives an online audience the feel like they are actually there. When you set up the presentation with a mixture of videos, marketing pieces, and collateral material (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.) and interlace things like live Q&A from you online audience; and you do it well, they will feel like they are actually at the event.

Don’t despair, this is the beginning of a new era for live shows, events, and presentations. Soon we’ll no longer be at any large event in person. Rather, all will be streamed online in a virtual environment. Instead of 30,000 people at a concert, there will be 30,000 personal media devices that will be able to capture the event and make us feel like we are all in the front row.

So let’s get started. First things first: call us to discuss your next event or project and let’s develop an entertaining (but safe and secure) environment to wow your online audience.

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