B2 Productions: Tips to Selling Big on Video

November 16, 2020

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All you newbies to video here are a few things to remember before doing a video or going live on your favorite social media platform:

  • Your performance doesn’t need to be perfect
  • Look good but don’t get flustered about your appearance
  • Hit it hard and quick, don’t flounder around getting to the point
  • Script it out and practice

Everyone gets hung up that their performance has to be perfect. Don’t worry about it. Do the best you can – after all what you get hung up on most people won’t notice (you are really your harshest critic).

Polish yourself up before you get on camera – at least iron out some of the rough edges but you don’t need a make up staff. Remember: you want to be reflective of your specific audience (a group of mom’s don’t necessarily need Dolly Parton telling them how to be better a parent).

Get to the POINT! If you really want to see your video views drop to a few second duration meander around with what you are going to talk about. Click! There they go. That first sentence that comes out of your mouth should be your Issue statement. Here is what I’m going to talk about.

Scripting and practicing ties directly with getting to the point. If you aren’t ready to script the entire thing out, why not use a couple of bullet points to keep you on track? If you don’t have time to practice in front of your camera practice it in your head before you hit the red button. Your audience will thank you.