B2 Productions: Video Production – Full Crew or One Person Show?

November 10, 2023
Blue Buffalo Productions


I want to discuss the differences between having a full crew (D/P, lighting, grip, prompter, make up, PA, etc., etc., etc.,) or just using your own camera to shoot, direct, light, and record audio. Seems like a lot? Sure. It’s much easier to have 10-14 people on-set to handle all of the different aspects of the shoot. But does every shoot need a full crew? I say no. In fact, Youtube just came out with a statistic that suggests people are more likely to click on a real looking video then a highly produced video. O.k., so this might be slightly biased on the part of Youtube, however, the truth is – social media avenues have made homemade videos much more acceptable.

Case in point: we just had two recent shoots. One in which someone wanted to record a quick message to put up on a crowd funding page and another that someone wanted to record a series of short messages for a sales funnel. Both of these situations didn’t require a full crew. In the former, I grabbed my iPhone and, in the latter, I used a GH4 with a cine lens. This is not only acceptable but standard in this day and age.

Does everyone have six figures to create effective messaging for their audience? Of course not. Give you clients what they need.

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