B2 Productions: Welcome 2021?

January 13, 2021
Blue Buffalo Productions

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2020 was a tough year. I don’t need to go into the particulars because everyone is feeling it: that uneasiness whether you’re at the mall or the airport or a small social gathering; everyone is thinking about it. Death, indeed, has arrived on our doorstep and there’s not a lot you’re going to do about it.

My midnight guess for 2021 is you will need to have a vaccination verification before you are allowed onto any set for liability and insurance requirements. Beyond that, there’s a very real possibility that the entire nation will be shut down again until things can get under control – but for how long?

Let’s be honest, we don’t have any control over this thing as it continues to mutate all over the world. Of course the Pharmaceutical industry reassures us that ‘their’ vaccine is good for variants, but there’s no real way to tell at this point. This is going to take another 2-3 years before (in my humble opinion) they get this under control, worldwide – that will be a lot of death between now and then.

If you have your health, if your family has their health, be happy. Sure, things may be looking pretty grim but what’s the worst that can happen – you die? It’s funny how people will do everything in their power to avoid the inevitable without knowing if that outcome is any worse than their current situation. Live each day as it’s your last… don’t miss out on a single second. As Ken Kesey said; “…if your not making the most out of every second in the movie your blowing your ticket.” – that’s some deep stuff so eloquently delivered that it will probably slip by like a passing glance. Stop. Look at how great this life really is – the past is gone and it’s not coming back.

Happy 2021!!! Get busy living!