B2 Productions: Video Storytelling and Cinching the Sack!

March 1, 2017

As a child I used to sit in restaurants or public places and make up stories about the people I saw. Much to the amusement of my siblings I would include details like how the people smelled or sounded, what emotions they felt and how the world looked through their eyes.

Today I get to translate that imagination into video storytelling. My parents are so proud.


When I approach a new video project I think about two main things, the audience avatar Who Are Your Avatars and the audience’s transformation. Who am I trying to reach and how can I engage them? Let me be clear…I want to engage my audience not sell to them.

Regardless of whether the video is to educate, persuade or inform -I want to bring my audience on a journey.

There is no better way to do this than by telling a story. In order to bring the audience in, I need a clear beginning, middle and end. They all need to be intertwined and tied into a pretty, video package…I call this CINCHING THE SACK.

It all starts with good writing. However, beyond dialogue you can use visuals and even music to move your story along.


There’s an old marketing adage that says ‘Sell the destination, not the plane ride.’ I’ve started many client meetings listening to a list of features about their business or product. Clients often feel compelled to say as much as they can in a video because they spent a lot of money and time creating their product. But features don’t tell a story. Benefits do. How does the product transform the life of the viewer? How is their life different after using your product? What problem does it solve?

Pull your three acts (beginning, middle, and end) together and engage your audience. Cinch the sack!