B2 Productions: Online Marketing – A New Way to Gamble

July 20, 2022

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They say the house always wins in Vegas. That’s also true in online marketing. It should be no surprise that only 1% of all online marketers succeed in making money. The majority of newbies give it a once over; dump in a bunch of money and give up. While the successful online marketers happily take their money offering the newbie a program, coaching, or an improved way to make millions.

Do you want the secret sauce to a successful online marketing future? It’s simple, you just have to keep trying until something sticks. Also, you have to get as many plates spinning so the odds begin to tip in your favor. How many plates? The more the better. What do I mean by this: don’t sink everything into one concept or idea; rather, come up with a few different concepts and place you bets down equally. Craps has some of the best odds in gambling, and why? Because you can bet across the board to win or lose diversifying your investment.

Online marketing is no different. Place your bets wisely. Accept that you’re going to give some money back to the house (no matter how good of an idea you think you have). When you do hit triple cherries, or double sixes, remember that you have to keep giving money back to the house (in the form of advertising, successful online programs, and time) to get to the next jackpot.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Stick with the winners in this racket and keep playing the odds until your bets pay off.